The PolyPlasticum, which is part of the Research Group of Polymer Technology of Windesheim College since 2010, has a very extensive collection of historical plastic objects.

The collectors

That the PolyPlasticum has such a large collection of unique material is the result of two collectors:

  • Former Managing Director Jan Vloedbeld of Dyka Pipe Systems in Steenwijk. He was one of the founding fathers of the PolyPlasticum and has built up a unique historical collection of bakelite for decades. He has made his collection available to anyone who is interested, without any restrictions.
  • Retired gynecologist and fertility doctor Professor Hans Davidson who was born in Zwolle and now also lives in the United States. He owns a large collection of historical plastics, including many colorful Bakelite and Catalin jewellery and kitchen products. He exhibits many of his own objects on this website and in the display cases of the exhibit.
On the website

On this website we only show a small part of the collection. The site will be expanded in the future with more pictures and descriptions as will be the exhibit.