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Engel Benelux

ENGEL BENELUX B.V. is a subsidiary of the Austrian multinational ENGEL AUSTRIA GmbH, Schwertberg. ENGEL manufactures injection molding machines and robots on three continents. Worldwide there are more than 85 representative offices, of which 32 are wholly owned.

On November 1, 1988 Angel Netherlands B.V. was founded and expanded since February 2008 into ENGEL BENELUX.

‘Be the first’

In recent years a market leading position in the Benelux was achieved. So it can be said that Engel rightfully uses the slogan ‘be the first’.

Training Opportunities

In addition to providing our normal service Engel has an extensive program of inspections, especially applied to your wishes and comprehensive training opportunities in Houten, Eindhoven, Diepenbeek, Kortrijk or, simply at your company. Visit the website for more information or request the training brochure.


Peppelkade 25

3992AL Houten

T +31 (0) 30-6380194