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Ultra Polymers

Ultra Polymers is one of the leading distributors of thermoplastics in Europe, with operations in almost all European countries. This allows us to serve the local market quickly and directly, regardless of type and quantity.

Technical support

In the Netherlands, the group is represented by a sales office (Ultra Polymers BV) which is based in Ede. Ultra Polymers BV plays, together with its Belgian plant in Lommel, a central role in the distribution network within the Benelux. The company offers customers expert technical support, combined with a fast and efficient logistics service.

Extensive range

Because of exclusive distribution rights, and good contacts with leading, mainly Western European producers of raw materials in the petrochemical industry, Ultra Polymers has an extensive assortment of high-quality raw materials for the plastics industry. The company provides customer-specific compounds.


Galvinastraat 14-2

6716AE Ede

T +31 (0) 318 to 641,216

F +31 (0) 318 to 620,365