Our mission

Timmerije is on the move. We focus on the future. A future where Timmerije concentrates on organizing your success. That is The Timmerije Touch. Injection molding is not the sole key activity. Other elements within the chain deserve the same attention and dedication. From the very first time we talk to you, our client, to the delivery of assembled or unassembled products to your customers. Timmerije is the director of your best buy in critical plastic products.


1932 Agricultural smithy
1945 Mechanical engineering plant
1952 Centrifugal molding
1956 Injection molding
1970 Injection molding and building moulds
1970 New technologies


The (co) development, production, assembly and logistics & handling of critical, high-end plastic products with a high added value primarily require great people and state of the art technology. Timmerije combines both requirements in its plant in Neede (the Netherlands), where over 100 people co-operate on often highly complex plastics on a daily basis. Timmerije’s in-house climate is based on values such as responsibility, education, motivation and responsibility for results. Additionally, maximum commitment to its employees’ health and safety is a primary concern within Timmerije. These factors are a pre-condition for Timmerije to sustain its current business operation: market-driven and focused on the customer.


Schoolweg 29

7161 PK Neede (Noordijk)

PO Box 3

7160 AA Neede

T (0545) 28 38 00

F (0545) 29 38 62