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Polymer Science Park

The Polymer Science Park is an open innovation center for applied plastics technology, focusing on the search for (high) performance polymers including composites, rubber, engineering plastics, coatings and biopolymers. It offers an industrial incubator for the plastics industry: from idea to mature product prototypes.

Interdisciplinary work

The Polymer Science Park offers entrepreneurs the opportunity for interdisciplinary work and to look beyond traditional technological boundaries. As a neutral party, we encourage the innovative power of companies, regionally, nationally and internationally. Every company and every education and research institution can participate.

Innovation is critical

Keywords in the Polymer Science Park are collaborate, market knowledge, knowledge sharing and dissemination of knowledge. Entrepreneurs in the plastics sector frequently operate in a very competitive market. Innovation may be critical for survival. But innovation takes time, money and manpower and involves risks. Innovating together and being part of an extensive network of plastic companies can eliminate many hurdles. The threshold for successful innovations will be lower and this provides profit and certainty.

Contact Information

More information and contact details on the website of the Polymer Science Park.